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Over 500 Visual Art Traits

+ 60 Music Traits

= Endless Possibilities

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giving back

$80,000 on Mint-Out

Ongoing 5% of Secondary Sales

Music heals the world. That’s why there can never be enough music and we can always have more of it - so let’s create more musicians around the world!

With our charity STRINGS FOR EVERYONE, we provide quality musical instruments for children in underprivileged families all over the world* who are unable to access musical instruments. We also pay for their first music lessons to make sure they get off to the best possible start.

We want the whole world to make music!

Everyone has the right to create and we want to make sure they have the tools to be able to do just that. All our charitable work will be video documented and available for you to see on our website. On that note, all documented receipts and videos will be minted on our Opensea STRINGS FOR EVERYONE account for full transparency.

2 Holders of theBluesys NFTs will have the chance to win a fully paid round trip including flight and hotel to help out with the upcoming STRINGS FOR EVERYONE 2022 event in in Guatemala.


Giving Back

After successfully minting out, there is no time to waste! The founders with 2 lucky  BLUESYS holders are headed to Guatemala for the first ever Strings For Everyone Event.

We will be buying different quality instruments and handing them out to children in under privileged families. We will be also collaborating with local music teachers to get them started right away.

All transactions will be put on the blockchain for full transparency. The event will also be video documented for the our community to see and experience the joy we all created for these children, together as the BLUESYS community. We are very excited for this event. The exact event date will be updated once all the logistics are finalized and the BLUESYS project is full minted out.

  • September 2022

Once we successfully mint out the full collection, we will send the ETH equivalent of $80,000 straight away to our Strings For Everyone wallet. *The charity public ethereum address and OpenSea profile coming soon. We will update this white-paper when all the accounts are set up and secure.

  • October 2022 – 

5% of secondary volume is sent to the Strings For Everyone ethereum address. This will be done consistently every 1st of the month.

  • September – December 2022 –

During this time period we envision to start our first STRINGS FOR EVERYONE EVENT.  In Guatemala. Over 200 will receive quality instruments and lessons from local teachers. This is going to be epic.  Due to logistics and the dealing of bureaucracies, we can not set an exact date at the time of this roadie map update. Further details will be announced closer to the event date.

The free claim period will start a couple of weeks after mint. We know that people are going to flip for profits or flip to grab the BLUESYS they want. So we want to give everyone some time to do just that. After a few weeks we will open up the claim form where you will be able to connect your wallet and claim the guitar. *While the guitar is free, you will only have to pay the shipping cost to your location of choice  and are responsible for any duty tax in your country.

Since these are real guitar, they need to be built. So there will be a waiting period on the guitar. Roughly 2- 3 months.

An important thing to note is, the free guitar claim will activate once we hit 25% mint of the total supply. Once we sell out 50% of the supply you will be able to claim a guitar for each BLUESYS NFT you own! You own 10 BLUESYS, you can claim 10 free guitars.

Each NFT can claim a FREE guitar only once. So if you buy a BLUESY on OpenSea for example on secondary where the guitar has already been claimed then you cannot claim the guitar again. You would have to work it out with the original seller.

Claim Your Guitar

The Bandstand

Post mint, we will be releasing what we call the BANDSTAND. One to two months after mint out the bandstand will go live. This will be due to final testing and also allow long term holders to flip and grab the BLUESYS they want to own.

The innovative part is that you need to mix and match theBLUESYS to create unique songs. This is where the next pillar comes in play. All audio tracks are played with real instruments including the guitar parts from the founder BluesyCrypto.

Post mint, we will be releasing what we call the BANDSTAND. One to two months after mint out, the bandstand will go live. This will be due to final testing and also allow long term holders to flip and grab the BLUESYS they want to own. Some might want a singer they don’t have or a guitar solo they really dig.

How does the bandstand work? 

The bandstand allows you to connect your wallet and mix and match the audio files of the BLUESYS NFTs you own.

So let’s say you own all 5 based characters plus managed to score an extra rare instrument. Once you are connected with your wallet, you will be able to plug in which BLUESYS (of which you own in your wallet) you want to be part of the song. You can put them all together to create a unique song or select a few to create some instrumental tracks. You may be a musician and want to use it for your own songs or you may want to license it.

The cool thing here is that once you plug in your BLUESYS you will be able to mint for free (minter just pays the gas fee) that song or stems. The song and or stems will come with its own artwork as well.

These mints will go into a separate collection where you will see all the other minted songs other BLUESYS holders made. This is a very innovative idea. We also are currently working on a Jamstand where you can get together with other BLUESYS holders and jam out with out the minting part. So it’s like playing a musical game of creation with the fellow members of the community.

We don’t want the BLUESYS to stay stagnant. We want them to evolve. What does a real IRL band do? They get better musically and create more songs. Visually your BLUESYS will not change. Neither will the metadata for both the music and visual traits change. BUT…

Through out the year we will be dropping new song / musical traits every 6-8 weeks. We envision around 8 songs. These music trait drops will be free mints where you can mint a music trait according to your specific BLUESYS. So if you have drummer, then you will receive a random drum track for the new song. If you have a bass player, you will receive a random bass track for your bass player.

You then can drop them into the Bandstand to mix and match for that specific song drop and mint it for free (holder pays gas fees). The song also comes with visual artwork that coincides to that specific song.  The first song NFT BLUES you will already be able to mix and match since the genesis collection has those traits.

At the end of the year when all 8 songs are dropped, you will be airdropped the full album as an NFT with album artwork as well as have the opportunity to receive a real vinyl record with the artwork and all the songs. 

More Music Trait Drops!
Also comes with Visual Artwork

Merch Store
Goes Live

We believe merchandise is a cool thing to have. But we also believe T-Shirts, hoodies, and mugs are not really the only thing to offer. While we are in the works of unique exclusive clothing and accessories, we want some unique out of the box merchandise that challenges the NFT merchandise space.. 

We don’t want to promise before we can fully deliver but we are in the works of getting real Bluesy Bobble Heads of your own Bluesy NFT! But that’s not all!

BLUESYS holders will be able to buy collectible vinyl records with album cover art of the full  BLUESYS songs which will create the BLUESYS first ALBUM!

WEB3 Workshops For Musicians
Holder Musical Acts
Guest Speakers
Bluesys Jam Session – all musicians are welcomed to be apart of the jam!
Private Late Night Party exclusive for the BLUESYS HOLDERS

1st Semi Annual IRL
Event - USA)

Calling All
Artists For Phase 2

The second drop will be just as epic as the first! You will be able to contribute to the second drop the “Time Machine” ! We can’t do it without you! We will hold a series of live events we call “Who’s got skillz?” The public and celebrity judges will have a say who gets to be part of the next drop. Do you have the skillz?

Winners will split royalties and a % of the mint that’s yet to be determined.


We are scheduled to launch in early September 2022.

7997 theBLUESYS NFTS. The founders will mint 100 of them for giveaways and collaborations. 

We’ll decide this closer to mint in order to get the best value for our holders. You can see the mint date and price status on the discord server. Set up server notifications and watch this space …

The BLUESYS are five unique, non-derivative and smooth band members. You will not have seen anything simliar in the web3 space. They are literally one of a kind with a raft of visual and music traits that will literally be music to your ears!

Each BLUESY NFT is a band member that comes with one random track integrated into the token. Again, you will not have seen or heard anything like this in the web3 space. Check out the sample in the project overview video to listen in and feast your ears on the BLUESYS sounds!

The bandstand is where holders can meet post mint, mix-and-match BLUESYS and mint NEW songs at no extra cost. This is our first holder perk for BLUESYS holders where the community hangs out, vibes and creates new content. As a holder, you will have full commercial rights to use the visual and music traits of your NFTs as you wish!

theBLUESYS guitar is our first IRL perk and will definitely strike a chord with our holders. If you saw the overview video, you’ll know why this collectible will bring added value to your BLUESYS NFT and how and when to claim yours! *The free guitar claim activates if when we sell 25% of the mint. **Holder pays only shipping cost to his or her location of choice and is responsible for any duty/customs tax in their country.

The BLUESYS create maximum value for our holders as our No.1 priority. On top of this, BLUESYS will be healing the world through our music by creating more musicians around the world with our very own charitable organization Strings for Everyone. Post mint, we’ll be providing quality musical instruments and instruction for underprivileged children and families all over the world that have no access to this kind of opportunity. Everyone has the right to create, and we want to make sure that everyone everywhere we go has the tools and support to do just that. Stay up to date with all developments relating to Strings for Everyone in #StringsForEveryone





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